5 Reasons To Love Living In Ann Arbor

Today it’s quite the trend to talk about travel and finding one’s fortune in distant cities and coastal lands. In consideration of our home in Ann Arbor, we put together a list describing the many pros of living in tree town.

  1. Walking and Biking
    Downtown Ann Arbor is not only walkable, it’s peaceful. Skip the extremities of New York or Chicago and take a rewarding stroll down Liberty or Main St. You can turn into Sava’s, Elevation Burger, The Michigan Theater or Vedge Cafe to name a few. There are dozens of other shops, stores, and eateries you’ll pass along the way. Ann Arbor also puts a lot of energy into being a bike-friendly town. There are dozens of bike paths in Washtenaw county to check out in the warmer months. Thanks to the efforts of Border-to-Border trail, many sites on the Huron River are connected by a walkable and bikeable path. You can check out the ever-friendly Fraser Bicycle to get yourself set up for biking season.
  2. All the Trees
    Trees aren’t just aesthetically pleasing and leafy, they’re working hard all the time. We often forget the increased quality of life that these trees provide. In a town named for its sheer quantity of trees, country-clean air is a subtle asset. This is another way in which you can skip the smog of a big city, and enjoy the benefits of Ann Arbor.
  3. Fitness Options
    Fitness of all types are an ever rising trend. There are fitness classes and shops around the globe to prove it. Ann Arbor is no slouch in its offerings of fitness options. From downtown to Jackson road there are beautiful fitness venues and gyms. Using resources like 9 Round and Intelligent Exercise, full body fitness is easily accessible.
  4. Education
    An active mind is proven to lead to a longer healthier life. Ann Arbor’s school districts are both strong and diverse. Children grow up loving to learn, and they watch as their parents and teachers take on lifelong learning alongside them. Supported by local institutions and meetups, there is a vibrant life-long-learner community as well. From Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti to classes at the YMCA or the U of M itself, there are ample opportunities to learn. Check out Literati Bookstore for their book clubs and events while you’re on the learning curve!
  5. Agents Who Care
    Ann Arbor is home to a supportive business community. When it comes to maneuvering real estate management or purchases, this is no less true. Our own agents are powerful assets who care about your success. Maneuvering real estate management and hunting can be tricky. Managing those waters well is a priority for us, too. Your endeavors will always find support in Ann Arbor, especially from friendly and effective agents (check out our Swisher Commercial reviews here).

We’re proud of our Ann Arbor community, and honored to share its streets with such honest and friendly neighbors. Thank you, to the many who’ve trusted us with their real estate decisions for the past 50 years.

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